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Directory of Japanese Addresses in Europe    2004


Japanese Addresses in Europe 2004

Electronic data file version


A ( 95)  B (243) BG (11) CH(120)  CZ  (62) D(954)  DK (57) E (208)  F (436)  FIN (60)  H (101) GR(12)  I (231)  IRL(48)   L (13) N(18) NL(293) P (36) PO (71) RO (23) RU(49)(92)                               

We can  sell these data files  for your own multiple and unlimited use ( but strictly not for resale, rent or transfer an third parties)

Attention: The Japanese data for GB, that is Great Britain, is being marketed  by our partner firm Insight Japan.(contact Tel.: 0044 (0)20 7821 7980, e-mail  l.knights@talk21 or  www.japaneseaddresses.com

We have the following data files:


with 914 commercial addresses of Japanese Companies. Additional 40 Official Addresses (Institutions, Govermental Representatives, etc) are also included

Ordered  in the following categories:

Bank, Finance and Securities, Insurance, Trading Companies, Electrical and electronics, Vehicles and Components, Industrial machinery, Construction and Contractors, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Oils, Metals and Materials, Miscellaneous Trade and Industry, Freight, Forwarding Transport, Travel, Hotels, Recreation, Wholesale and Retail, Services , Media, Consultancies, Official and Organisations

The Information is built in an Excell Table (the Microsoft Excell 97 Viewer for reading it can be downloaded for free from www.microsoft.com ). Our German data files are ordered according the following categories:

Company Name,  Street and Nr, City, Postalcode, Telephone, Fax,  E-Mail (few) Business Type or Branch, Nr. of Employees - roughly in 4 categories, Manufacturing - when known it is indicated, Description of main business activity, Name of the Director, President or Business Representative (in about 400 cases) as well as his position in the firm.

Leasing price for German Data File (it is leased only as a whole) 0,35 Euro Cents, (+ Added Value Tax when applicable) per Address (for multiple and unlimited use)*. Before delivering (as E-mail Attachment) we require prepayment and a signed leasing software agreement, which we will fax you when you order.

* That is 954 x 0,35 EuroCent = 333,90 Euros

Payment Method:   Credit card  (Visa, AE, Master, Diners, etc) or Bank Transfer in Germany


Other European Countries

Are ordered in the larger countries in the following categories:

Bank, Finance and Securities, Trading Companies, Electrical and Electronics, Vehicles and Components, Construction and Contractors, Chemicals and PharmaceuticalsOil, Energy and Metals, Miscellaneous Trade and Industry, Transport, Freight, Storage, Tourism and Recreation, Media Communication, Buyers-Stores and Wholesale Services.

Ordered in the following categories:   Name, Street and Nr., City, Postal Code, Telephone,  FaxE-Mail (few), Business Type or Branch, Manufacturing - when known it is   indicated, Description of main  Business activity

Leasing price for French oand other European (except Germany) data files of Japanese Addresses  (attention: individual countries are leased only as a whole) is  0,25 Euro Cents  (+ Added Value Tax when applicable) per Address (for multiple and unlimited use). Minimum Order is 100 Euro. Before delivering per E-mail we require pre payment and signed leasing software agreement which we will fax you.

Attention: All of Europe, except for GB, (about 3234 Addresses) for a flat rate of 20 Euro Cent.

Payment: Credit card (Visa, AE, Master, Diners, etc) or Prepayment per Bank Transfer

You can request a sample of our compiled Data bases with no obligation. This is convenient  for testing with them your capability of manipulating the data before the  final purchase of the leasing rights is made.


Attention: The number of addresses per country might change somewhat as we constantly revise our data for newcomers and departures.



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